About Us

Tired of swiping and virtual winks? TAPThat brings people out from behind their screens and into the real world!

Have you ever gone to a party wanting to meet some girls or guys only to realize that the ratio was anything but comparable…? Maybe it’s a Friday night; How do you decide on which bar or club to go to which results in meeting someone who spark your interests?

What do you do? Do you close your eyes and pick randomly?  Do you cross your fingers and hope for the best?




TAPThat is a revolutionary app that lets you know where the highest concentration of attractive men and women are in your city, in real time.

LIke What We’re About? We Could Definitely Use Your Help!

We have chosen to launch our project on Kickstarter and we have 30 days to meet our funding goal! Every pledge counts, so click the button below to visit our project!




TAPThat works by comparing the number of taps in certain locations relative to others to
ascertain the  areas with the highest saturation of attractive people. This information is obtained as follows:

1. Men and women that download the application and tap the main button when they see a person who they find attractive.

2. The app tags their location and sends the data back to the main server.

3. The server then aggregates all the data and creates a real time map that identifies the location with the highest concentration of attractive men and women.

People can now plan with this information, their social outings in such a way that increases their chance of meeting new people.

What makes us different from every other dating app out there?

For a long time now, the dating app world has stifled the abilities of men to approach and talk to women and vice-versa. Unlike other dating apps, TAPthat is dedicated to getting our users noses off of their monitors and into the real world, allowing them to approach real people with ease.


Whats Going On In Our World?

Yes It Has Finally Begun!

So while funding is going on we figured, we here at TapThat headquarters might as well start coding to maximize our efforts. So far, we have tackled the background database
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So with everything in place, I am happy to announce that our Kickstarter is now online and ready to go (Click Here Now To Check It Out!) So
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